Sunday, January 08, 2006

Don't pass me by


Tell you what, Torontonians love to get out when it's nice, and let me tell ya, we all know that a sunny day, 1 degree, is perfect.

Which complicates my plan to do a 10K city run. My usual route is to look about 50 metres ahead, then plan my path through the people. People coming toward me, people i'm about to bypass, people who decided to jaywalk into my path.

So my choice is to either play NFL running back (which is kinda fun) or something else. Unfortunately, that something else usually involves veering onto a downtown street inorder to pass a crowd of, say, 20 people. Those 50 metre sprints are usually good interval training, I guess.

Of course, in a city of 2.3 million, you're bound to hit someone you know, right? That happened today, when, on Bay Street, I ran by four people, and -- suddenly -- I hear my name being yelled out. I screech on the brakes, turn. Who is it, other than the beautiful R., who was happening to be visiting her aunt. I took a 5-minute walk break to accompany her. Yes, a few moments of joy in an hour full of pain.

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