Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tread too much ground?

Yes, those are my feet crossing the finish line at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Sept, 2005. Meet my day-in, day-out shoes. An Asics Gel-1100, purchased in April in New York for nothing (ah, our soaring Loonie, gotta love it). I was thinking about throwing it out today when I'd realize that I'd probably run way too many kilometres with it. I ran with it in a 10K race in the spring, all summer, and in two half marathons in the fall.

Prolly time I think about replacing them.
Waiting in the wings are
-My Asics GT 2100, which was lauded by Runners World. Sorry, I was tempted to say shoe of the year, but the inner journo in me isn't ready to confirm this.
-My Asics DS Trainers, also known as my racing shoes! (purchased in New York in October and taken for its maiden voyage around Central Park a week before the New York Marathon.)
-My Vasque Velocity trail runners.. I'll consider them for nice snowy days

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