Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A lot of ridings

Well, Stephen Harper was in Toronto today, to play the good Toronto boy and win some seats for his party. Now, whether the likes of Peter Kent can win St. Paul's is a good question to be answered on Monday.

With elections in mind, I went for a run in -1 weather. Warm, yes, but windy with 50km/h gusts. And snowy. I was going to do 5K but I ended up doing a nice city route, 8.5K.

Isn't it amazing that PEI has four electoral seats and during my city running route, I can easily hit three. Let's see, on my usual runs, I hit Trinity-Spadina (my home riding), where Oliva is against Tony. I hit Toronto Centre on my city 5K. I hit Parkdale-High Park in my waterfront route. I think I touch St. Paul's. On my half-marathon run to the Beaches and back, I hit three ridings (Trinity, Centre, Beaches) in 45 minutes.

Which is only to say that during my run, I thought, 'for all of Harper's trips to gain seats here, he really can't change this town. A progressive town. A multicultural town. A social experiment to some. The biggest city, hated by some because of its supposed power. But we're creatures of the province, we were told in city politics class, left largely powerless. And if you want to talk about fiscal imbalance, maybe see how much money we give v. how much we get back. I digress..

Ah, Toronto. Harper wants to take it to make a run at this country. Me, I just take it in when I run, and proud, that it's part of this country.

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