Saturday, January 07, 2006

Longest run...

... of the year. A good ole 15K run all around downtown.. From home base, east QQ, up Jarvis, west Bloor, south Spadina, east Richmond, south Jarvis, west Front. All in all, i was out there for about 1:30. Temperature was 2 degrees with wind. I ran at a light (for me) pace.

About 2 cm snow on the ground, so made for a nice fuffy ride. I first played a game of catch the snowflake, where I looked up at the sky, spotted a flake in the distance, and paced myself to catch up to it by the time it hit arm level. That was good for 3K. The rest was just, breathe, don't jump into puddles, don't splash pedestrians with slush, and don't slip.

First week of the year was good. I was first aiming on building a base of 30K, but already built up to 40K. I think i'll realistically stay between 30K and 40K for the next month and a half.

Weekly total: 41K.
Year to date: 41K

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