Sunday, September 10, 2006

Chicago countdown: 41 days to go

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Broke out my new shoes today cause yesterday's pain was a nice reminder that your shoes can only last so long. It was a beautiful day and the end of my step-back week. Ran a simple 20K (12 miles) in 1:48. By the end of the run, it felt good. My heart rate was a bit higher than usual, and I put that to sore legs and to my semi-anxiety leading up to tomorrow's first day on the job. I suspect running will be both a stresser and stress reliever as I get used to the new work place and prepare for my next two races.

Weekly total: 61K (37 miles)
Time run this week: 5:09:03
Year to date: 1,874K (1,164.5 miles)
Marathon training to date: 822K (511 miles)

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jellypepper said...

Good luck on your first day!