Saturday, August 16, 2008

In the dark

Tomorrow's Midsummer Night's Run, the 30K version, will start at 6:40 p.m. If I run it in target time, I should be able to finish it just as it turns really dark. It's a full moon out though.

Just came back from Radiohead concert -- my brother and I and thousands of others were rained on for a good hour and a half, then spent the concert on our feet. This is the second time, I reminded my brother, that he took me out to a concert before a race. Then again, last time, I set a PR in the 10K the morning after.

I'm gonna sleep in, have a big early breakfast to carb up (yes, pasta first thing in the morning). Then a light lunch and i'll be off to the races by 5:30.

Here's a pic of the stage from where we were standing (pretty good vantage point, actually).


Marky Mark said...

sounds like fun!

I remember you opted for the 15K last year to avoid the dark-I'm doing the 30K and with my slower pace there will be some running in the dark-you're right though about the full moon-it should be OK but definitely different from my normal morning runs.

Just had a protein shake with OJ, berries and half a banana. Having almond butter and the other half two hours before the race. What about lunch? Pasta sounds good.

Sonia said...

Wasn't it on a Wed last year???

Good luck anyhow! We know you're going to rock this race =)

Women's marathon on right now at CBC!!

yumke said...

Thanks, that was fun. And the women's marathon was awesome.