Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic women's marathon = wow

I got home from the 30K race and immediately rewinded the PVR so I could watch the women's marathon in Beijing. What drama. Constantina Tomescu ran away from the field; Deena Kastor injured her ankle at a water stop and Paula Radcliffe had a washroom break and cramped up her legs but still toughed it out to the end. And there was a sprint at the end for the finish between the Catherine Ndereba and China's Chunxiu Zhou being spurred on at the end.

Wow, what a sport. One of the CBC announcers rightly talked a lot about the toll of the marathon, the training that it takes place and how millions of recreational runners can identify with these elite athletes. Well said.

Can't wait till the men's edition on the 24th.


Alexandra said...

My favourite part was when they showed a slow motion close up of the legs!

That was decent of the commentator to talk about the recreational runners doing marathons and that they have the same mental and physical experiences as the elites at the Olympics!

Anonymous said...
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jamespeter said...

I think they have some physical and mental experiances as the elites at olympics.These are all just a part of the game.
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