Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon: 7 weeks to go

Another 70 miles. Four more weeks of high-mileage training.

Here's the week just past
Monday: 10 miles
Tuesday: 6 miles
Wednesday: 15 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 12 miles/7LT
Saturday: 5 miles recovery
Sunday: 22 miles

Weekly total: 70 miles (112.5K)
Year to date: 1503 miles (2419K)

Week to come:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 9 miles / 5x600
Wednesday: 14 miles
Thursday: 10 miles
Friday: 5 miles (May take as rest day)
Saturday: 30K race (18.7 miles)
Sunday: 6 miles

Next week, it's a 30K marathon pace run. Should be interesting. If the weather was like today, I'd have good hopes at keeping pace. If it's a humid hot August night, will be a lot more challenging.

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Quinto Sol said...

You are doing GREAT... keep it up!