Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another long run done, 50 days to go

February is done and was, compared with other years, one that was fit for running. Warmer than usual, almost no snow in Toronto. The six days I spent in DC gave me some exposure to the elements.

Also this month, I took a 'rest week' that was really needed, going down to 20 miles the second week of February. I was run down and needed a break.

Otherwise, I did log in some necessary mileage, now up to 164 miles on a monthly basis, compared with 183 miles in January.

With 50 days to go till the Boston Marathon, I'm feeling good that my fitness is at a decent shape to run a marathon. Racing it, i'm pretty sure, is not in the cards.

Take today's 20 miler, my second of the month. I started off really rough, my calves were tight and I had to stop to stretch several times. After about 10K, I started to loosen up and started to up the pace. By the end, I fit the run in 2:48:31 about two minutes faster than another 20 miler I did in early February.

March is THE month before the taper: I have three races, a 5K in two weeks, a half marathon in three and a 30K in a month. All three will sub in for much-needed quality work.

Meanwhile, the splits and map from today's run.

Distance: 20.02mi
Time taken: 02:48:31
Average/Max Speed : 7.13/10.79 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:08:25/00:05:33
Calories: 2364

09:10:27 1.00mi 00:08:59 6.68mph 10.6mph
09:19:57 1.00mi 00:09:02 6.64mph 7.9mph
09:29:54 1.00mi 00:08:44 6.86mph 7.3mph
09:38:58 1.00mi 00:08:54 6.74mph 7.3mph
09:47:52 1.00mi 00:08:59 6.67mph 7.5mph
09:56:52 1.00mi 00:09:15 6.49mph 7.6mph
10:06:29 1.00mi 00:08:39 6.93mph 7.5mph
10:15:09 1.00mi 00:08:33 7.01mph 8.5mph
10:23:56 1.00mi 00:08:11 7.33mph 9.0mph
10:33:16 1.00mi 00:07:57 7.54mph 10.8mph
10:41:48 1.00mi 00:08:12 7.32mph 10.8mph
10:57:03 1.00mi 00:08:23 7.15mph 8.1mph
11:05:26 1.00mi 00:08:18 7.22mph 7.7mph
11:13:45 1.00mi 00:08:15 7.28mph 7.9mph
11:22:25 1.00mi 00:08:03 7.44mph 8.1mph
11:31:00 1.00mi 00:08:12 7.31mph 8.2mph
11:40:19 1.00mi 00:08:04 7.43mph 7.8mph
11:48:25 1.00mi 00:07:57 7.55mph 8.1mph
11:56:22 1.00mi 00:07:47 7.70mph 8.3mph
12:04:10 1.00mi 00:07:52 7.62mph 8.5mph


Sonia said...

Hi Ken! I'm glad to see you're still running strong! And I might get to see you at ATB! Happy running!

Boris T said...

Good run, good luck in the next 50days of prep.

Arcane said...

I don't think I'm going to be racing Boston either. Enjoy the races

オテモヤン said...