Sunday, February 07, 2010

Earning it on a winter's day

Been a long few weeks, work days are typically drawn out and the demands of marathon training are taking their toll. This week was supposed to be 55 miler but I felt pretty out of it yesterday when aiming at doing an 18 to 20 miler. After about a mile, I figured my tired body would appreciate some rest so I could try again today. Ended up being 3 miles.

I had a tough 12 miler Wednesday that was probably the culprit of that tired bug I felt yesterday. Spent the afternoon then lounged around getting ready for an early Chinese New Year celebration I do with 20 of my friends. We ate at least 8 courses.

Fully fuelled up on lobster, fish, crab claws, suckling pig, chicken and other dishes, I woke up this morning feeling much better rested. The temperature was chilly but, as is such days, was accompanied by blue skies and a full sun.

As 20 milers went, it was run of the mill. Started off slow as my legs were not cooperating but was enjoying being outside during the day. I won't lie, it wasn't easy to do 2:50 worth of running but judging from my splits, a 9:10 first mile to the final three miles faster than 8 minute mile pace, meant I was fully into near pace mode by the end, even though I was tiring.

What struck me during the run was the healthy amount of runners on the trail. Many of us were going long and it was kind of nice to have company. It took a good 5 miles before I felt quite right and if there were no marathon at the end of this training, I'm not sure I would have done an almost three hour run in this weather. It paid off, I was feeling amazing by the 8 mile mark, and actually warm and enjoying the sun by the time 10 miles had clicked by and I was only half way through.

I made up my route as I went along, deciding to do a loop of High Park on my way back home. As usual, my running planning worked out well and I clocked right at 20 miles a few hundred metres from home.

So I managed a little less than 50 miles for the week. Some pictures I snapped during the run.

20 miles in 2:50:30. See map

The splits:

10:06:01 1.00mi 00:09:10 6.54mph 7.4mph
10:15:11 1.00mi 00:09:03 6.63mph 7.0mph
10:24:15 1.00mi 00:08:45 6.85mph 7.4mph
10:33:05 1.00mi 00:08:40 6.92mph 7.5mph
10:41:45 1.00mi 00:08:25 7.12mph 7.6mph
10:50:11 1.00mi 00:08:52 6.76mph 7.6mph
10:59:04 1.00mi 00:08:35 6.99mph 8.1mph
11:07:57 1.00mi 00:08:44 6.87mph 7.5mph
11:16:41 1.00mi 00:08:47 6.82mph 7.4mph
11:25:29 1.00mi 00:08:37 6.96mph 7.3mph
11:34:07 1.00mi 00:08:48 6.81mph 8.2mph
11:42:56 1.00mi 00:08:21 7.19mph 8.1mph
11:51:17 1.00mi 00:08:26 7.11mph 10.8mph
12:02:53 1.00mi 00:08:49 6.81mph 8.8mph
12:14:03 1.00mi 00:08:28 7.08mph 8.1mph
12:22:32 1.00mi 00:08:05 7.42mph 9.2mph
12:32:39 1.00mi 00:08:06 7.40mph 8.1mph
12:41:21 1.00mi 00:07:53 7.61mph 8.1mph
12:49:14 1.00mi 00:07:56 7.56mph 8.0mph
12:57:10 1.00mi 00:07:45 7.74mph 8.4mph


Arcane said...

I had an early Chinese NY dinner last night also. Nice job with the long run.

Marlene said...

I was also surprised at how many runners were out this weekend in the frigid weather. Nice work on your 20!

Happy Chinese New Year!