Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's finished...

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Presenting the park across the street from me at Queens Quay and Spadina... almost a year after they started work on it, the grass is down and it looks about ready to open.. woohoo, my Saturday morning newspaper reading hangout.

Looked like this a a year ago

In fact, the official opening is tomorrow, when all the city's bigwigs descend on my neighbourhood.

From the press release:
    The HTO design team, led by Janet Rosenberg, Claude Cormier and Siamak Hariri, collaborated with city staff to create HTO Park. The outstanding park design was selected following an international design competition, undertaken by the City in 2003. Somerville Construction provided skill and workmanship in rounding out the project team's achievement of a dynamic and beautiful waterfront park.

    Brenda Librecz will present a waterfront park scrapbook for the mayor, councillors, architects and ceremony attendees to sign. A class of local school children will place items, reflecting their thoughts and ideas about the City’s waterfront, in a time capsule at the park. The time capsule will be reopened at a ceremony in 2020.

Wonder what they're putting in there? I'd like to see a pair of running shoes...


Arcane said...

I ran by the a couple of weeks ago. It's remarkable how much it's changed. It felt weird not seeing those construction barriers there.

Arcane said...

BTW, I signed up for the midsummer night's run 15k on August 18 which works out quite well for me since Pfitz' 18 week plan (for scotiabank) has a 8 to 15k race planned for that day.