Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The training begins

It's now less than 18 weeks until the Marine Corps. Marathon. I start the 55 miles per week or less schedule. This week calls for

Monday: Rest/CT
Tuesday: GA + speed 7 miles w 10x100
Wednesday: Rest/CT
Thursday: GA 9 miles
Friday: Rest CT
Saturday: Recovery 4 miles
Sunday: Medium/long 12 miles
Weekly: 32 miles

I started today with general aerobic plus strides. I had to take a washroom break near the second half that interrupted the strides and added a few kilometres. 10 strides was plenty of work and left me thinking about the V02 and tempo workouts... dreading and looking forward to it. 13.8K in 1:17...


Dave said...

Good luck with training. I had 8 miles + strides and with the heat I had to bail on the strides... not starting off good.

Arcane said...

Good luck with the training.

Re. your question: Last year, I had just done a 3:35 marathon, but thought I shuold have been able to do a 3:30, so I started using the long run paces for that (ie: 8:48 to 9:36). Prior to that I was also familar with my HR zones so during training, I noticed my HR was much lower when running those paces so that's when I would bump the pace. Towards the end of training, I was doing my long runs at about 8:30 pace or so which was in line with a 3:20 (ie. 7:38 pace) marathon finish (long run pace of 8:25 to 9:10 pace). I ended up doing a 7:31 pace for the marathon. Hope this helps.

jellypepper said...

good luck with the training. of course i'll be tracking your progress, cheering you on.
wee can carboload at lunch today?

Sonia said...

Great start! It's going to be a HOT summer!