Monday, June 11, 2007

A quicker pace

In prepping for the faster paces to come for my LT/tempo runs, I ran 16K tonight at a faster than usual pace. I'm told my LT pace should be my 15K to half marathon pace. For me, that's 4:30 kilometres (7:14 miles). The times below show I have some work to do.

On the bright side, I brought my Camelbak with me so I could hydrate. On the minus, I didn't each much before the run and I started it hungry. It went well, though.

1K - 4:56
2K - 4:56 (9:52)
3K - 4:48 (14:41)
4K - 4:55 (19:36)
5K - 4:56 (24:32)
6K - 4:51 (29:23)
7K - 4:48 (34:11)
8K - 4:39 (38:51)
9K - 4:55 (43:47)
10K - 4:52 (48:40)
11K - 4:53 (53:33)
12K - 4:45 (58:18)
13K - 4:48 (1:03:07)
14K - 4:49 (1:07:56)
15K - 4:48 (1:12:46)
16K - 4:50 (1:17:35)



Arcane said...

Your LT pace will improve as the weeks go on. It's hard to judge effort on a training run. Maybe do a short race and use the predictors to guess what your 15k and half paces should be.

As for your question, Pfitz' tune up phase lays out alternating weeks of races and relatively hard long runs (20 milers or a marathon pace run). I personally think it's more important to follow the long run schedule than the race schedule. You might want to consider doing a Yasso workout on the days you can't find a race. I did that last year and it worked out well. I"m planning to do that again this year for my 2nd tune-up race. If you do switch the weeks, you'll have to juggle some of the runs around. Pfitz' plan has a recovery run with strides the day before the race so make sure you work that in somehow. I found it helped to do the strides the day before the race.

yumke said...

I know the LT pace will get better. I have a 5 miler race next week so I hope to see how things go with that.

Thanks for your tips of Pfitz I think i'll concentrate on following hte plan. Luckily, I think i've found races for the other two..

Yassos are a great idea.. i've only done them a few times.. this year, i'll be better...