Monday, June 11, 2007

Rest week, looking forward

Staring at a 18 week marathon training program (and a much more advanced one this year) ahead of the Marine Corps Marathon, I basically took a week off. Yep, I ran two times last week, a 10K after work one night and a 6K easy run with R. before Jelly's wedding. I felt like I needed the extra rest and a little bit of a mental break before I launch into The Program..

I did spend a little time going through the book, trying to select the paces for my various runs. The LT (tempo) runs, the medium-long (then long), and the general runs with strides. Not a whole lot of tracks near the waterfront, so i'll have to make my way to one downtown.

I also looked at the schedule and want to start planning my tune up races
Sept. 15 - 8K to 15K race (There's a Burlington race, but there is a 10K island run on Sept. 9)
Sept. 29 - 8K to 15K race (I have the half-marathon this day. In fact, should sign up now)
Oct. 13 8K to 10K race (There is a Zoo 10K run, which i'll do)

Last week's mileage: 16K
Year to date: 888.5K

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Arcane said...

Good luck with the Pfitz plan. I'm tentatively scheduled to do the Burlington 8k as my last tune-up race.