Sunday, March 23, 2008

Flying Pig Marathon: 6 weeks to go

Six weeks to go. Uh oh, that means in three weeks, my program will reach its peak then I start tapering. It's coming fast. The week that went by was great. I had plenty of good weather, helped by the fact that I've been in DC since Wednesday night. R. broke her ankle Tuesday at a gym class and I've been here helping her out, doing all the good boyfriend stuff. Unfortunately, she was supposed to do the half marathon at the Flying Pig so she's pretty upset she'll miss it. On the bright side, I think we'll both sign up for the Army 10 Miler again.

Here's the week past:

Monday: 5.2 miles
Tuesday: 12.07 miles
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 6.7 miles (with 6x100 strides)
Friday: 10.6 miles (with 5x1000 Vo2Max)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 15.25 miles (14 miles of it at marathon pace)

Total weekly mileage: 50 miles (80.5K)
Year to date: 481 miles (774K)

The next week is going to be interesting, mostly because it ends with a 30K race, the Around the Bay in Hamilton and Burlington. I'm going to do a mini-taper for this race and treat it as a 20 mile pace run or even faster.

Here's the schedule. It gives me two hard workouts (a LT run and a 12 miler) with a recovery in between. It also gives me full two days of rest
Monday: 6 miles with 6x100
Tuesday: 12 miles with 7 at LT
Wednesday: Recovery 5
Thursday: 12 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest (2K jog with strides)
Sunday: 30K race (19 miles)


Sonia said...

Ah this sucks for R.! Good on you for being the nice BF! =)

Great week as usual! I'm sure you're going to ROCK ATB!

yumke said...

Hopefully we'll bump into each other in the Hammer. :)