Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I survived winter

it's the last few hours of this winter and I'm spending a bit of time at the airport headed to DC. Tomorrow, it'll be the first day of spring (I think) and it couldn't come soon enough.

I know there's a lot more chances of winter-like weather. But the worst is over. I have a few thoughts about the past three months.

I'm glad I picked a May marathon - it got me right back into running on Jan 1, helping to get into shape after eating season (Xmas) and building back my fitness. Jan was tough since I was ramping up after taking Nov and Dec easier. The trip to Miami and a few weekends in DC was a respite from the cold.

Funny to say, but the mid and long runs in the dead of winter were solitary and enjoyable, despite the pain.

And now, as spring racing begins, I feel like I've buillt base for the year. My 19:31 5K has sunk in and I know it's the payoff from the pain. My May marathon is not the goal one - just not enough quality work has been fit in, but I still think I can make it my best marathon (in terms of pacing). 

Tomorrow morning, I plan to usher in spring with a 6 miler with strides, cause there's nothing like spring into the next season, leaving another behind.

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