Saturday, March 15, 2008

Race ready, I think...

This is what a 30K long run looks like in the city of Toronto. Man 30K covers a lot of ground.

I run the 30K Around the Bay in two weeks so I decided today to turn my 18 miler (29K) long run into a full 30K run. Sunny and a nice 4C today so it was perfect for a long run. Loaded up a few podcasts, filled up my Gatorade bottles and off I went.

Started off slow then started to tackle inclines. My first 10K was mostly uphill (the next 5K was mostly downhill). 15K to 20K was mostly run on a major city street (Bloor) because everyone decided to be outside today. My last 10K were done in a strong pace for a long run.

I've missed striders and one LT run in the past few weeks, but I've also run my long runs at much faster than usual pace. Finished the run, 30K or 18.66 miles in 2:29:44. I can't remember running that distance in that speed so I'm pretty happy. It also means that come race day on March 30, I can safely target a 2:30 and even go for the 2:22.

As for tomorrow's race, my legs are feeling tired but I'm staying off my feet for the night. Hopefully these tired legs will have enough in them for 5 kilometres.

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