Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not the optimal LT run

I'm exhausted. My alarm roused me from barely 5 hours sleep at 4:30 a.m. for my run this morning. I decided to do it in the morning figuring the weather would be better in the morning than after work, when it was expected to snow and rain.

So just after 5, I staggered out of my condo, with iPod loaded with podcasts. I had two options, a 12 miler at normal pace or a 12 miler with 7 miles at lactate threshold pace. I decided soon after the 2K mark that I'd try the LT run this morning.

The weather was cold but it was clear and I had nice stretches of road to run in. Looking back at my splits, I know that the combination of little sleep, the fact I did a run not only 10 hours ago and the fact that I was tuning in and out of a podcast that it wouldn't be the best LT run. I found myself zoning out throughout the run, thinking I'd hit the pace, but the next split would show me that I still hadn't upped the pace. I also realized at several points that my breathing was too easy, that I wasn't straining.

Oh well. My LT pace should have been around the 4:20 minute Ks or around 7 minute miles. Here are my mile splits

1. 6:51 (4:15Ks) - On a bit on the fast end
2. 7:33 (4:42Ks) - I really was zoned out for this one, I was running only slightly faster than marathon pace
3. 7:12 (4:28Ks) - a little better but not up to the effort I know I can give. I hit some icy patches
4. 7:18 (4:32Ks) - losing focus, trying to listen to podcast and also counting down the minutes
5. 7:09 (4:26Ks) - yay, a little faster, finding better rhythm
6. 7:11 (4:32Ks) - finally, two miles that are actually close. I keep the pace on knowing it's almost over
7. 7:08 (4:26Ks) - a decent final mile.

So not a consistent LT run. First one too fast. Second way too slow, the third and fourth trying to make up the effort and the final three close to the correct pace.

I may have to make up an LT run sometime in the next few weeks. For now, focus is getting my mileage in the next two days (17 miles) then rest for two days, then the big race!

Note I also ran 10K last night after work.


Arcane said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as you felt you could have gone faster, you should be alright. I've been reading Daniels and he says that 7 mile LT runs should be a little slower than what you would run for a shorter distance.

BTW, my long runs right now are about 8:30 which isn't too great. I know these should be closer to 8:00, but that pace feels like I'm working too hard. For runs less than 10 miles, I've been doing them at the same 8:30 pace, but will probably try and get these to 8:00.

Triseverance said...

ha all I can say is waa waa. I am wondering if I can hold 7:38 to run a 1:40 half in two weeks. :)
That is a long LT run, I think the splits look good and stronger at the end then at the beginning is the way you want it to look. Good work.

yumke said...

Thanks Fran. I have the Daniels book and plan to read it after I finish the Flying Pig. I feel 7 is a tough distance to do LTs but I also guess by the time you've done it, you're also well into your training. The long runs are hard to get right. Because I've hit the wall, I've decided to do them a bit faster. I did a 19 miler in about 8 minute pace, a 17 in 8:12 and they were both fine if not a little hard at the very end. Then again, so are marathons.

Hey Bob, good luck on your half mary. And thanks for the reality check. I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much.