Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pacer done

Today called for a 15 mile medium-long run with 12 miles of that in marathon pace. I liked running the East Potomac Park so I chose to do 3.5 loops (each loop is about 3 miles) to do the 12 miles. I took yesterday off which was a good idea so I had a little more of a spring in my step.

I did a mile warmup and launched right into it. I kinda forgot that marathon pace was 7:37 but I knew it was around that time. I started off a little (7:28) then ended up a little slower than planned (two 7:46s) but over the run, I got used to the effort and was able to step it up over last six or seven miles.

Here are the splits

I ended up doing 24.5K or just over 15 miles with an average pace of, scarily enough, right on marathon pace of 4:44Ks or 7:37 miles. I did the half marathon mark (13.1 miles) at 1:40 and the miles after my pacer were actually done at pace. So really, it was a 15 mile pace run in a way.

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