Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flying Pig Marathon strategy: Oh, the hills

The Flying Pig Marathon is NOT a flat course. It has hills and man they really build up. So for my maiden voyage, I'm doing a little bit of reading up on what I'm up for. This course description by Brian Nash gives a good recap of what kind of a climb we're up for.

I was a little caught off guard last year by the Marine Corps Marathon. I had run throughout DC for months but I really didn't tackle the hills in Virginia and in Georgetown. I decided to compare the MCM course from the website, my Garmin data from the race. I also threw in the Flying Pig Marathon elevation from the site and scrunched it a bit to make it fit. I think the Pig has more of a climb but on the bright side, Marine Corps had pretty challenging hills before.

The important thing is to not burn myself out on the hills. Last year, I think we went out too fast in DC. So for the three miles of the major climbs, I'll have to remind myself to slow down when it makes sense. Hopefully in the first 6 miles, I'll bank some time, and of course I can make up time from mile 10 onward....

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Triseverance said...

I think that you have a good plan there, seems like one major section of climbing then you should be able to cruise.
Coming up quick now, rest up.