Friday, April 25, 2008

Q&A with Yumke, part 2

Like other bloggers, I have stat-tracking on my blog that lets me look at daily traffic. In my professional life at my newspaper, we have such type of data so I can track hourly usage, what's being read the most, uniques, page views, search patterns etc. One of the things I can see is keywords that people search that land them on this blog.

Now that I've had been doing this blog for more than 2.5 years, I've built up a not-to-shabby amount of content, 631 posts worth, and of course, since I talk running most of the time, I get quite a bit of traffic from people searching typical running questions in google and other search engines.

So, with a nod to the same thing I did last May, here's another instalment of 'yumke answers random blog search questions'. Remember I am NOT an expert, NOT an elite runner, NOT an authority, but I am in taper period for my marathon, so that 20 miles I'm not running this week has to be filled in somehow.

The questions:

flying pig marathon
You probably reached this page so I dutifully just updated it.

flying pig marathon blog
I put links to other ones in the blog post above

30 k fast run
I dunno how fast you want to go, but I think you want race pace, you can take your half marathon race pace and slacken by 5/10 seconds. McMillan's race calculator helps a lot in that respect. Otherwise, a marathon paced 30K isn't bad, but if you haven't done a marathon, then I advise taking it slow, maybe your 'running forever' pace.

harry's spring run off 2008 photos
Here's from Vancouver. Here's from Toronto.

"flying pig marathon" google maps route
Hm, I'd like that too. Let me know if you find it.

"minute miles" to "minute kilometres"
Try this link from Cool Running, it's a pace calculator that allows you to switch between the two.

"sick" "before my marathon"
Good luck. I'd say if you want to run it while sick, you're crazy. I'd say slacken the pace and treat it as a fun run. Or pick another marathon down the road so you don't lose your training.

10k route central park
Hm, I'm not sure I can help, but I do know, from my run this past winter, that one loop is about six miles (or 10K). So just go in the park, and do a big loop around the outside.. Just follow the runners!

2008 fall marathon
Check this link.

4 weeks to 8k
Hm,I'd say make sure you do speedwork. I'm assuming you're doing 20-30 miles a week. If not, get three runs in a week and make sure your longest distance is at least 8K. If you are a runner, I've read that speedwork (tempo runs at fast pace for 20 minutes, or intervals on the track at 5K pace) will help more than just extra miles.

43 minute 10k
Mile splits
1 Mile 00:06:55.20
2 Mile 00:13:50.41
3 Mile 00:20:45.62
4 Mile 00:27:40.83
5 Mile 00:34:36.04
6 Mile 00:41:31.25
6.213712 Mile 00:42:59.99

Kilometre splits
1 Kilometer 00:04:18
2 Kilometer 00:08:36
3 Kilometer 00:12:54
4 Kilometer 00:17:12
5 Kilometer 00:21:30
6 Kilometer 00:25:48
7 Kilometer 00:30:06
8 Kilometer 00:34:24
9 Kilometer 00:38:42
10 Kilometer 00:43:00

And good luck

5k 3 week preparation
If you're starting running, good luck! if you aren't, then add speed work. It's a short enough distance.

5ks in toronto
This is a great resource for races in Ontario.

6 weeks to a marathon
Um, I think you should be reaching your peak soon. I gather you have an 18 or 20 miler already in you. Taper begins in three weeks. Tonnes of schedules on line, but it's safe to say you should be in the midst of your training. If not, wow, good luck. Take a look at a 12 week program (which is probably the shortest you can do if you're already running lots) and look at week 6. Are you doing at least that much mileage?

7 weeks left to marathon
Like above, add a week

8 week marathon plan
Like two above, add two weeks. Look for 12 week programs

8k race prep water
I think it's a short enough distance that you don't necessarily need water during the race to make it through, but def. hydrate before your run.

8k race strategy
I'd treat it closer to a 10K strategy than a 5K. That doesn't help. Lets put it this way. 5Ks should pretty much hurt throughout. 10K, if it hurts after 1K, you're looking for trouble.

That was fun. I have about 30 more keywords from the last few weeks to address. I'll do it while I'm killing more time later this weekend. Taper madness indeed.

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