Thursday, April 10, 2008

Too early to be speeding

I'm not sure that doing track workouts starting at 5 a.m. is really a good idea, especially when you get to bed around midnight. I had plans tonight so I decided to 'get it over with', so I was up just after 4 a.m., took care of business and cursed the early morning.

I'm starting to become a fan of those tight Under Armour undergarments. They hold ya tight and help give you a second skin that both keeps you warm and wicks the moisture away from you. I put that on, a tech top and put a windbreaker over that. I did about a 3 mile warm up while running up to the track, I was mainly trying to get my heart rate down and kept the effort low.

Got to the eerie highschool track in the dark and did one lap. The goal splits was about 4:46 to 4:48, which coincides to about a 20 minute 5K. Three laps is tough. The first 200 metres are easy, then you start to find your breath labouring. by the end of the first lap, I'm checking my splits, making sure I'm giving it the right effort and adjust my pace accordingly. For me, the second lap is a tough one, partly cause I know I should end 800 metres with a 3:15 time. Luckily, I hit most of second laps at my goal pace.

The third lap is odd, cause by this time, you're either crossing your eyes from the effort, or staring up at the sky, or, well, doing a measure of both. Running in the dark really doesn't really let you focus on much, so I looked at the skyline and shiloutted skyscrapers and CN Tower.

All is to say, given the hour, given the lack of sleep and given the run in darkness, I have not much to complain about. The wind was moderate, the weather was cool and I had the whole damned track ALL TO MYSELF. This track is usually packed in the late afternoons so it's a nice change.

1. 4:49 Avg BMP 165 / Max BMP 174
2. 4:46 Avg BMP 171 / Max BMP 177
3. 4:46 Avg BMP 173 / Max BMP 180
4. 4:46 Avg BMP 173 / Max BMP 181

The last three were all consistent, huh? I compared this to the last time I did 4x1200 in October. I had a higher average heart rate and slower times. This good?


Triseverance said...

Really consistent 1200's. I am impressed I read both yours and Arcane's blog this morning. Man you guys know how to make a guy feel lazy.
Higher HR and slower times in October then now mean you are kicking ass and taking names.

Sonia said...

Awesome to see some big improvement like this!

Arcane said...

Nice consistent splits. You're definitely getting faster.

yumke said...

Thanks bob. I think this cool spring weather has been good for my racing and training.

Thanks Sonia and fran, they didn't seem that fast but hey, i'll take them!