Thursday, April 03, 2008

Speed sessions and longish run in

Just playing catchup. On Tuesday, I ran a full 11 miles. It wasn't that easy because the wind was gusting 60km/h and I had to run 5.5 miles right into it on the waterfront. The way back was okay, since I was being pushed.

On Wednesday early morning, I did 4.5 miles just to get in some mileage.

I had delayed my VO2Max workout till today because my legs were still sore from Sunday's 30K race. This morning, I felt up to it, so I was out there by 5:30. I ran the 2.5 miles up to the track and did 5x600. The 5K pace was 2:20 per 600 metres, or sub 4 minute kilometres, with about 80 second jogs.

1. 2:17
2. 2:20
3. 2:21
4. 2:22
5. 2:20

I should have brought my heart rate monitor. Next week, my V02Max is 4x1200 (3 laps) which should be interesting.


Arcane said...

Good consistency! I'll be on the lookout for you on Saturday. I noticed that they added starting corrals this year. I think the corral i'm in (and probably you too) covers a pretty big spread of 10 minutes so it'll still be important to try and place yourself accordingly.

yumke said...

Thanks Fran.Hope to see you Saturday. I'm so ready to kick this race's ass. It's my one time that I know I can definitely improve on. It's such a tactical race and the hills make it really challenging