Saturday, April 26, 2008

No transit and a good 300th

Ugh. Tired. Today was labelled a rest day but it turned not to be. I got a call last night at 10:30 ish from the news desk: The Toronto Transit Commission was going on strike in less than two hours. So we did what we did best, we roused a reporting staff, started a news and scene blog post, and my living room became the publishing centre of until the wee hours. It was a crazy story: the transit union gave virtually no notice on a Friday night, shutting all service at midnight, stranding thousands of people. Toronto is a big city and lots of people need the service to get home. Anyways, it was quite a challenge to deal with all the copy and pictures coming in, but I think we did better than others in the same virtual turf.

Nuff said, I was in bed by 4 a.m. and up again at 7 a.m. to do more updates. Did a little more mobile blogging to the desk on way to do errands. But found it amazing that I reached the market and it was so quiet. I was was able to buy all my groceries in minutes and enjoyed a veal and eggplant sandwich.

Where was I? Oh yeah, running. So R. is going to what I'm calling "the most glamourous event of the world on April 26, 2008". She's headed to the infamous White House Correspondents Dinner where Steve Colbert famously went after Bush a few years ago. I'm gonna rest up some more before tomorrow's last medium-long run of 12 miles. I'm going to do it through hilly areas.

Also wanted to congratulate JellyP on her 300th post. I love reading your posts because yes, I don't feel it's a running blog. It's a blog about life and yes, there's some running involved. I wanna see Spirit again too!

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Arcane said...

I guess it's a busy news day for you. It's kinda weird. I think the last time they went on strike was back when I was in high school and it lasted a week and it didn't seem to be that much of an issue. I guess times have changed. Final week for you, eh?