Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tapering, but still running

There's a huge downpour in DC as I write this. I'm pretty wiped after this past week. Just catching up: I ran 5 miles on Wednesday morning, then I ran 4 miles on Thursday with strides, also in the morning.

It was warm in Washington yesterday and the schedule called for an 8 to 10K race, but there were none around. I also didn't feel up to doing track work or a faster-than-LT run, so I just got in some mileage, about 5.2 miles. I figure I've done three races in the span of a month.

Today's the last medium long run before marathon day. 16 miles. The forecast called for cooler weather but some rain and thunderstorms. I had more than a few beers last night so I wasn't feeling the greatest getting this run in. It also rained for a good half of the run. Ended up doing 16.16 miles in 2:13:39 with average pace of 8:16 miles and bmp of 145.

So that's in the books...

Good luck to all the Boston marathoners. Looks like they are going to get great weather for Patriots Day.

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Arcane said...

That's still a pretty good pace. I'm somewhat amazed at your HR when you do your long runs. I think your max is probably around where mine is based on your VO2Max HR, but your long run HR is way lower than mine.