Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting closer

Finished a 18.7 mile run (30K) early this afternoon. It went okay, not as fast as I wanted with 8:12 miles on average. It's been a nice stepback week, having done a 13 miler and a few 10K runs earlier this week. It occurs to me that I'm exactly a month away from the marathon. In fact, four weeks from now, i'll probably be lying in bed trying to get some Zs... Unlikely though, eh?

One more day for this big training month, the most running i've ever done in a month. The miles compared with the past are not just a little bit more, it's staggering. Thank god for the taper because I've been pounding the pavement so much.

Of course, this large amount of running (39 hours so far this month) has meant I've had little time for blogging. Not that I'm not thinking a lot about running.

Injury wise, I'm pretty good. I've been on a decent stretching routine, including an upper body and shoulder stretch. My toes are a little banged up. I have a few 'black' toenails (nothing new) and one possibly coming. A few blisters, but again, that's nothing I'm not unaccustomed to.


Arcane said...

Almost taper time. Remember to keep stretching throughout the taper. In the past, I've slacked off during the taper and I think it's caused me to tighten up in the past. Don't neglect it.

Ha, my toenails are almost back to normal. I think I may be able to wear sandals for the first time in about 3 years in a week or two!!

Marky Mark said...

I have a black toenail too-what are they from? Guess you're not doing Oakville tomorrow. Gorgeous weekend!