Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ahead of my 30K race/marathon pace run on Saturday, I'm gonna skip tomorrow's scheduled 5 miler. Also turned today's recovery 10 miler into a 6 mile recovery with 6x100 striders. I know the benefits of doing pace runs tired, but i'm tired enough, having done a 70 mile week last week and already having done 29 miles in the past three days.

I'll make up some mileage on Sunday, maybe a lazy 10 to take my weekly total to 60.

In the meantime, for my birthday (yesterday) my brother is taking me to see Radiohead tomorrow night!


Quinto Sol said...

Happy belated birthday.... and try NOT to run faster than 15 seconds per mile than MP... although the way you have been racing, I suspect you will :-)

Arcane said...

Happy Birthday! I was thinking of doing the 30k as a long run, but it was sold out when i looked into registering. Have fun out there!