Saturday, December 27, 2008

24 hour sickness

Felt it at first late Christmas night after dinner. R. was already sick on Christmas day so that by the time I woke up in Burlington, I was done for: achy, stomach not doing so well.

So I was laying in bed or a couch most of yesterday in Hamilton and Burlington. Back in the city today and picked up my race pack for tomorrow's Resolution Run. May be a miracle by tomorrow morning but i'm feeling about 65% right now. So plan to run tomorrow at a reasonable maybe marathon pace then ramp it up  for the last mile if I feel okay.


Marky Mark said...

Hope you feel better!

There was a resolution run 5K here today that I meant to do but with the 7am start time and the lack of chip timing, I let it slip.

Arcane said...

Didn't do the boxing day 10 miler. I was thinking of doing the Thornhill resolution run since it's close to work on the 31st. I have to decide soon. I might also do the hair of the dog race which I did last year which is on january 1st, but that'll depend on what the ice conditions are on the trails by the beaches. I'll probably do ATB so i'll probably see you there. Hope you get well soon.