Thursday, December 18, 2008

They paved my running trail

This is huge progress in Toronto. I heard a while ago from a colleague that the city would be paving the waterfront Martin Goodman Trail through the winter for those who use the route.

To my delight it was paved when I went on my r miler out to Ontario Place from my condo at Spadina. I wonder how far they got. This is great news for my winter training!


Marlene said...

No way! That's awesome. You won't have to stick to the boring city streets all the time. Enjoy it!

Arcane said...

hey that's good to hear! I always wondered why they didn't plow it. it'll be interesting to see how far they would go. Hopefully all the way to the humber bridge and maybe even way out to the lighthouse.

yumke said...

I'm loving it. Ran it again today and it was paved.

Fran, I think they go all the way to Humber. I got a bit farther in today and they were definitely paving it for cyclists

Marky Mark said...

Hasn't it always been paved?