Saturday, December 20, 2008

Surviving snowmageddon

Pretty hilarious yesterday, the deal with the 'snowmageddon' (we live blogged it at work). In reality, it's just snow, lots of it, yes, but it was snow. Torontonians get a lot of flack about how 'wimpy' we are about snow but I don't think it's about the snow, it's about commuting in the snow. I spent two hours getting home after work, double the normal commute. That sucks. Snow I can take.

Of course, the dumping of snow means that it's time to get the YakTrax out. There was still a lot of snow on the streets, but the cleaning crews were too effective with the Martin Goodman trail that I was actually looking for snow to run in. When you use YakTrax on pavement, you really lose the bounce your shoes would give you. I ended up doing 5 miles today on the trails. A few runners were out there.

With a few days before Christmas, it's getting busy with family so running is slowing down. Here's a recap of my last handful of runs:

Today, Dec 20: 5 miles
Thursday, Dec 18: 3.1 miles
Wednesday, Dec 17: 4.4 miles
Monday, Dec 15: 5.1 miles
Sunday, Dec 14: 4.5 miles
Saturday, Dec 13: 4.63 miles
Thursday, Dec 11: 6.2 miles
Year to date: 2212 miles

Which means i've topped the 2200 mile mark or 3,560 kms. Yeesh, I've run a lot this year.


Alexandra said...

I think I would rather the cold then all that snow you get! Good that you still get out to run! Your mileage is awesome!

Marlene said...

Snowmageddon... lol. I'm with you - the snow is okay, it's trying to get around. And I'm not even in the city! Toronto is just too populated and not well enough equipped to handle it. Not on those busy streets...

Congrats on some serious mileage! WOW.

Arcane said...

that's some pretty hefty mileage. congratulations. Setting a good base for next year?