Saturday, December 13, 2008

Looks nice out

A view as I'm about to land in DCA (on ground now). Looking nice and sunny in Washington. I think a long run is in store.

UPDATE: Did almost 5 miles in the late afternoon around the Mall. Perfect run, feeling a little sluggish after a big lunch but I'm good now.


Sonia said...

no snow? So jealous!!

Sonia said...

I really enjoyed the 24 movie, it was slower than the series but it is so hard to introduce all new characters in 2h!! They are not use to that!

I love that it will be a woman president, as they had the black president first years ago.

Tony is alive, which is a big shocker! He died in Season 5, at the beginnig of the show. Michelle died in a car explosion and it hurt Tony badly there. He was sent to the CTU hospital.... And he died when the terrorist gased CTU (at the same time as the bigger guy that was in love with Chloe... can't remember his name right now..)

I guess Tony has escaped before the gas killed him and we just never knew..... this will a be very interesting season!

Marlene said...

Oooh, another 24 fan?! Can't wait for the new season... FINALLY!

Hope you had a nice fair-weather run!

yumke said...

Weather here is unbelievable!

Sonia, thanks for jogging the memory. I've missed 24 last year but in some ways, I think it needed a year off to get the story right.