Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I want for Christmas

Okay, I really don't want these things but the other day, R said I was impossible to buy for. I'm pretty easy, since running isn't the cheapest sport, so just to prove that I actually like stuff:

Shoes: For a 1600 to 2000 mile a year runner, I can go through up to four pairs of these. Me? I go for Asics GT-2130s, size 9.5. I've always thought of trying another brand and thought maybe i'll do so in the off season. By the way, Canadian prices for shoes are robbery. $150 for a pair of shoes I can get for $95 in the States? No thinks.

Summer shirts: I loooove Saucony singlets. Show me a top that's as light and breathable and I'll happily switch, but every other type I've gotten never did the trick.

Summer shorts: I've tried a lot of short shorts (no, too much chafing) but my standby is my racing shorts by RaceReady. I'm looking for other pairs taht will provide comfort from heat, allow fast running and little chafing.
Hats: I've too many of them, cause I collect them at all big races I do. Besides, I loooove my two Brooks caps from MCM.
Winter gear: I trust only one. My SubZero Sugoi.. It's gotten me through three winters.. Hm, gotta dig that out right now. Also looking for a decent polypro fleece top. It has to be pretty heavy. Other than that, hand warmers are nice.

Electronics: I've got that covered. I love the Forerunner 405 (Thanks R!)

Fuel: It's not fueling season but I could always stock up on a few SportsBeans.

Reading: Oh, I have a few suggestions. (Yeah, and I probably have most of the others)

And If you want to give me a good present, maybe you will just get yourself something I've already got for myself and come run with* me.**

Oh yeah I like things other than running as well.

*If I register next Tuesday (reminder to self) ** If I get in next year. ie. wishful thinking


AddictedToEndorphins said...

Haha I love your list! I've got bike pedals and shoes on my list cause that stuff is expensive.

I'll join you at around the bay though:)

Alexandra said...

I think runners are so easy to buy for! OH...I want that book too!

Sonia said...

NYC marathon eh??? You won the lottery? Did I miss that?????

I wish I could run ATB but it seems very unrealistic that I will be in shape for a 10 or even 15K relay by then. My foot is bothering as I type this... it's the never ending injury.

I think runners are an easy bunch of people to buy stuff for!

Marky Mark said...

cool stuff-so which type of their shorts do you recommend exactly?

yumke said...

Hey guys.
-I see many of are doing ATB. It'll be a fun race!
-No, Sonia, no NYC but I can only wish, huh?
-Mark, I use these ones

Marky Mark said...

Thanks--I either will order online for delivery to the US when I'm there or will buy at an outlet there. I also just scouted out a nice 16 mile run to South Beach finishing at a great diner!

The Peaceful Runner said...

Sporting life is having a sale on the Gt 2130's from Dec. 26-31: $90. BTW I am not associated with the store, just saw the add.

yumke said...

Hey thanks PEter. I saw the 2130s on sale for about $85 with an additional 20% off in the states.. they're moving shoes..