Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Maybe time for a run?

Ha, busy busy busy, I'm not surprised that I haven't gotten out there for a run since Saturday. I will try for 3 miles today before I head to the parents' place for Christmas Eve. Bringing shoes for later in the week when I go to Burlington.. hm, thinking of it, I could have done the Boxing Day race.

Lots of snow out. Time for the YakTrax again.

UPDATE: Lots of SLUSH. Didn't need YakTrax but I need to dry out my shoes. 5K in about 27 minutes


Alexandra said...

Happy Running
Merry Christmas!

Marlene said...

you need rubber boots on a day like this!

merry christmas!

Arcane said...

Merry Christmas Kenny! You can still do the race since they have raceday sign up. You just don't get any swag. I was thinking of signing up for that run on the morning of since I'm planning on doing 10 miles on that day anyways.