Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's cold... sigh.

I am under the weather. No, I'm trying not to blame a single run on my sickness. But I could, and would be justified.

I felt absolutely chilled to the bone during Sunday's eight miler. Braver souls than I did big long runs while others, maybe smartly, didn't.

Sunday was beyond cold. It was, middle-of-February, freezing cold. I'm not ready for February. I want toasty interiors, the smell of egg nog and the warming lights of decorated evergreens. I always thought that Christmas was the reward for the winter we're about to face, so for me, the extreme cold ain't supposed to begin until Boxing Day.

No, I'm well aware it can be bad elsewhere, but I thought I was being smart Sunday when I had the four layers on top (Craft base, Saucony fleece, Running Room sleeveless windbreaker and a Sugoi outer layer), my cold weather tights, double gloves, a hand warmer, a skull cap and a MEC neck thingy that you can pull over your face.

Not smart enough when I run on the waterfront and the full 50km gusts were hitting me head on for the first four miles. Tell you what, when I turned around, I was certain that some parts of me, er, would be hit by frostbite!

Although one thing quite good about Sunday was the sheer amount of other crazy people who were out for their runs. Stupid, we may be, but brave, yes we were.

I felt ill on Monday and took Tuesday off. I put it to exhaustion from a very long year. It's been a very busy news cycle this fall: Two elections, one Parliamentary crisis and only now we in the news business can take a breather. I went back to work today and feel better, but it will not be before tomorrow before I get out there for another run.

Haven't stopped the running, however.

Last week's mileage: 30 miles
Year to date: 2179 miles

Gonna return to running tomorrow then log some miles on Friday. I'm spending a long weekend in DC starting Saturday so should be able to knock off some decent mileage in the capital city.

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Arcane said...

He He. Last year i bought some of that special underwear from MEC that has insulating for one's private parts. I haven't had a chance to use it yet.

I think once you get into the mindsight of thinking that running outside during the winter is okay, it gets better. Right now, I'm always comparing the weather outside to what it was like in the summer, which is never a good comparison.