Sunday, October 09, 2011

Chicago Marathon is done!

The temperature was a little warmer than we'd all like. I adjusted my pace a few days ago, taking out a 3:40 pace band. The heel, it held up. The calfs didn't, due to cramping. I took in my five gels, the Gatorade but it still did me in. Had to walk and stretch a few times.

I'm very happy with the performance. It was hard to enjoy a marathon when it was not cool, but I was able to tough it out, drawing on all those other marathons that have challenged me.

So am I running Toronto in a week? We'll see how the legs bounce back and I'll be paying very close attention to the weather.

I'll write up a race report in a few days.

Final chip time: 3:41:04

Here's the bling!


Patrick said...


It couldn't have been easy in the heat today.

Marlene said...

Definitely a tough day out there. Congrats on getting through it with a time VERY close to your adjusted goal, even with needing to stop for the cramps.

Let's hope for a cool day at Scotia pleeeease!

Tricia said...


The Unexpected Runner said...


macnic said...

Congrats! Well done!

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