Thursday, October 06, 2011

Races and weddings

I rifled through my running DVD collection and pulled out Spirit of the Marathon. I eyed my pantry looking for dried pasta. The Nuun tube only had a few tablets, but just enough for the next few days. And the haircut, check. That's done.

Maybe it's good I have other things to occupy me while I obsess over my healing heel. Truth is, it's not 100%. Enough to run a marathon. Hm, I think so. Anyways, icing and running fewer miles while working on other prep will keep me focused on Chicago. Six years ago, before my first marathon in Chicago, I really had no established routine. I had plenty of races under my belt, but not the big race. Now, after 15, the routine is set.

So far, the usual routine includes:

  • Having a sudden craving for carbs. Then satisifying it. Again. And Again.
  • Feeling every ache on my feet/leg/knee and worry
  • Watching a few standby movies or documentaries on running
  • Consider dousing myself in hand sanitizer to avoid a cold
  • Checking the weather 10 times a day, then start looking at the hour-by-hour forecast
  • Pack shorts/singlet/tights/long T/extra socks/hat, then wonder if there's another type of weather I should prep for

Then there are a few race-week traditions. I pull out a lucky hat (a Canadian one if I'm running outside of Canada), I check out the splits that I want to run, I browse through random Runner's World forums to see what the chatter is about. 

Last Saturday, I ditched my long run for a short four miles. With time to burn, I headed to my barber, had a haircut. A few days later, I told my co-workers when I decide I need a trim.

"I get haircuts for weddings and races," I said. "Luckily, I do lots of races."


Laura said...

I am running the Scotia half on the 16th...this is a weird race session for me as I am not doing a full so I am not freaking out ....
I finally parted with my 'lucky' race shirt as the stank that was emanating from it was unbearable. Now I have to find a new lucky one...

Marlene said...

Mark has pretty much the same haircut policy!

Good luck and have fun this weekend! I hope the heel holds up.

yumke said...

I used to have lucky shirts, but I realized I can't have ratty shirts on race day.

Thanks Marlene!

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