Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunburnt already?

I'm still around... phew, hard to keep up with the blogging these days. Last week, I only managed to squeeze in 32K. Two days after work were spent at bars so I was too tipsy to attempt running afterward, then it rained one day, then R. was in town this weekend.

Hoping to start off this week off right, I did 15K today after work. Felt good, it was sunny and I think I should start wearing sunscreen as the tan is already coming on. If it were a serious race on Sunday, I would taper, but hey, I'm just trying to keep up the running, so I plan to get another 25K in between Wednesday and Friday, then take Saturday off. Sunday, it's the Sporting Life 10K.


Ryan said...

"too tipsy"? I can relate, but there's no law against drinking and running!

Sonia said...

Sun is so strong now, no chances to take!! I bought this awesome sunscreen at shoppers (Laroche-Posay) a bit xpensive but it does not burn your eyes when you sweat!! Worth the extra $ for me!!

As for the excitement about the marathon... I am but it is different than the first time around! 1 word: Expectations!!

Have a good one

yumke said...

Ryan, sounds like you're talking from experience!

Sonia, I live beside a Shoppers.. time to haunt the sunscreen aisle...