Saturday, February 16, 2008

Almost nine in DC

I'm enjoying breaking in my new shoes, out for the second run. Today, dressed out a little warmer than i should of. It's bright, sunny and 6C with light wind. I took it mostly easy for a 9K or 5+ miler, what I'll call the monumental run: Down Penn Ave to Capitol Hill, up to the base of the National Monument, around to Jefferson Memorial and Roosevelt Memorial, then up to Lincoln Memorial and pass the Korean War Memorial, then one time up the Monument and back (and if you look the the left, the White House.).

Lots of tourists out. I'm getting asked for directions a lot and funny thing is, I actually know where the closest Metro stop is, or where the Arlington cemetery is.

Today, sending good vibes and good luck over to Ryan, who's gunning for his second Boston qualifier in Dublin, Ohio on Sunday. Ryan trained so hard last year and was set to do amazing but the Chicago Hell-athon hit him and thousands of others. Even so he had a spectacular performance. I'm sure he'll show how strong he is tomorrow. Dublin, of course, is where the corporate headquarters for Wendy's and our beloved Tim Hortons. And

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