Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flying Pig Marathon: 12 weeks to go

Completed my step-back week today with a 5 mile run in very cold weather. Decided not to go all out -- I think I could have run the 10 miles if I commited to it, but are far more battles to be fought over the next 12 weeks.

Looking over the year so far, I've put in good base mileage over the past six weeks. Here's a mileage recap
Week 1: 24 miles
Week 2: 46 miles
Week 3: 34 miles
Week 4: 37 miles
Week 5: 42 miles
Week 6: 25 miles

That's an average of about 35 miles a week, which is what I set out to do in my base training. I have four runs scheduled this week: An 8 miler with strides, a 9 miler mid-week run, a 5 mile recovery on Saturday and a 13 miler on Sunday.

The following week has my first lactate threshold run 8 miles with 4 at pace.

Here goes nothing.

Weekly mileage: 25 miles (40K)
Year to date mileage: 207 miles (333K)


Ryan said...

Excellent... now it's time to go to work to get yourself prepared for the Pig. Make sure you set the LT at the right pace and run it consistently ... preferably on a track, in my opinion. Have a great week.

Arcane said...

Good luck with the training. Some nasty weather we've been having, eh?

Triseverance said...

Good luck with your trainig Yumke, you have things very well in order for a solid Pig and racing season. Looking forward to following your progress.

yumke said...

Thanks guys, the work has definitely begun. Look forward to training smartly. Fran, marathon training in the winter is -- er -- challenging..