Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mileage: 6, 6, 6

Okay, so marathon training begins in full on Monday so I decided to use this week as a step-back week. It was a busy one anyways, with Chinese New Year smack dab in the middle (and all the feasting associated with it).

So I ran 6 miles on Tuesday morning before heading to work for a long day covering Super Tuesday. Didn't run Wednesday cause of Chinese New Year, and it was snowing very hard and I had like 3 hours sleep from Tuesday.

Came home Thursday and could have run, but didn't. A rare day to just sit on the couch.

So yesterday, with only 6 miles in the books, I did another 6 plus miles in the city, spending a lot of it in snowcovered sidewalks or on the road. It felt good and fast.

Today was a different story. It's hovering above zero and it snowed earlier this morning, which turned the roads and sidewalk into a big slushy running ground. My feet were soaked in the first kilometre and I just took it in. If my feet were dry I would have done 10 miles so I settled for 6. I've just stuffed newspapers into the shoes to draw out the water.

So that's 18 for now. I hope to bring it up to 30 with a 12 miler tomorrow, but I won't be disappointed if I end up with 10 (or, gasp, even another 6). Monday, the work begins.


Marky Mark said...

Yikes-you're already starting! My trainer just gave me my schedule-very ambitious. I see he has me doing a 22 miler when I plan to be in Tuscany. Should be interesting.

yumke said...

A 22 miler in Tuscany. That sounds like an interesting run. So you're keyed up for a marathon, then?