Friday, February 15, 2008

Three rest days!

I'm pretty sure this won't happen much in the next three months. I took off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so with Monday's 8 miler, I had pretty paltry mileage so far. Luckily, I had only two runs scheduled during the work week.

Today, having escaped winter for a few days in DC, we had weather has high as 13C so I went out for my 9 miles I was supposed to do yesterday. I wore a technical T-shirt and long tights and was very warm. Ran it at a good pace until mile 8, when I bumped into R, who was doing a 5 miler. We ran for a bit and I went back to her place, doing just over 17K or more than 10 miles.

Tomorrow, a recovery 5 miler followed by 13 on Sunday.


Sonia said...

13 oC! Man I wish I could escape winter too!! We're having really bad winter here... Enjoy it while you're there!

yumke said...

I am enjoying it. February and march will go by faster if i spend time outside of toronto!