Monday, February 11, 2008

Things you learn while on a run

1. You probably should not want to run two hours after having a big dinner, especially if it's a Chicken Roti
2. Also bad idea when you follow that big dinner with acid, like in the form of an orange
3. Gravity is nice.
4. But when you run on ice, you're more likely to figure out what gravity really is.
5. In the second it takes to fall, you only have enough time to say 'woah'.
6. Thank god for layered clothing. They act as a nice padding in case of said fall.
7. Why run on an icy trail when you have a convenient 1K square loop nearby that's always cleared that you can run around four or fives time with no slippage.
8. Eight miles done at 9:45 p.m. in -13C (-20C with windchill) is probably stupid, but it's also smarter than doing 8 miles the next morning when it's -19C.
9. Strides are hard, but when you are having a belly ache, it's a nice way to forget that fact.
10. It's funny how a marathoner suddenly becomes insane when they have a schedule that they must follow.

8.08 miles in 1:03:13 with average pace of 7:49 miles.


Arcane said...

Pretty good pace you had there. I usually only have enough time to say sh?t while I'm going down.

Marky Mark said...

ah-I'm not the only obsessive compulsive one I see--glad you didn't hurt yourself.

Tonight I'm hanging around eating too many chocolate covered almonds and it will probably be too snowy to run in the am...

Sonia said...

Watch out on the trail Kenny!! Good thing you didn't hurt yourself, is it spring yet????????