Thursday, February 28, 2008

A big catchup

Okay, it's been a very busy week and I haven't had time to read or to post. First, catching up on last week's mileage which I did in three cities.

Monday: 8 mile with 4 at LT (in DC)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 11 miles (in Toronto)
Thursday: 15 miles (in Toronto)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest (but a full day of walking in New York!)
Sunday: 6+ miles in Central Park, just a bit more than a full loop

Weekly mileage: 40 miles (65K)
Year to date: 287 miles (462K)

We did a 2.5 miler on Monday in Central Park before we left. I didn't run Tuesday as I and two co-workers drove up to Ottawa for the federal budget (our flight was cancelled) at 4 a.m. Then we covered the budget and stayed overnight there. We returned yesterday and I was so exhausted that I couldn't go out for a run.

So today, Thursday, I had only put in 2 plus miles. I really want to get good mileage in over the next four days. The plan to get me over 40 miles for the week
Thursday: 11 miles
Friday: 8 miles
Saturday: 6 miles (4 if i'm out of it)
Sunday: 16 miles

It was minus 10C and colder with windchill when I started my 11 miler after work. I used up one handwarmer and it really helped. So I pounded out the run in a bit over 1:30. Three more days of running!

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