Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The days are numbered

Found out my bib number today. Nothing like a big city mega-marathon with 30,000 runners. I'm number 24293. We're four days away from the Marine Corps Marathon. So appropriately, did four miles tonight after work. It's a little warmer and the wind has gone down. A nice cold night so I wore a long sleeved Saucony top, a sleeveless windbreaker and my racing shorts.

I also changed the insoles of my shoes back to the new one. I had used the old one in my newish pair of shoes. I think I need the cushioning I can get.

The mile splits are encouraging with minimal soreness (a 'touch' of soreness, is the word I'd use).

1. 7:58
2. 7:31
3. 7:30
4. 7:18

Hmm, the middle two miles could very well be my marathon pace on Sunday. Slightly faster than 3:20 pace. The last mile is a few seconds slower than BQ pace. My dress rehearsal was supposed to be today but because I ran in the dark, I figured I'd try a 6 mile run tomorrow with two at pace. I'm going to do a 8 minute plus mile, then slowly lower it and see how 7:30s feel, then i'll lower it to 7:20 or faster and see how that feels.

If the leg is great then it's a question of fitness.


Marlene said...

Wow, a 5-digit bib number!

Enjoy your last few days and good luck!

Marky Mark said...

Hope you enjoy this one.

Arcane said...

Hey good luck this weekend.

Aspirin Kid said...

Good luck on your race.

I'm a very, very new amateur, so I can't fully relate yet, but your times and reports definitely give me something to aspire to. Plus I enjoy that you write on running in Toronto - my girlfriend lives there, and I just went for my first run there recently. Pretty great city to jog by.