Sunday, October 05, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon: 3 weeks to go

I'm still around. In fact, been quite busy and running around a lot.

First things first, I've been recovering up and I'm in DC now, where, among other things, I made R a peach pie from scratch (oh yes, homemade crust, my favourite). Here it is with a few birthday candles and the R. (It's her first initial, if you've been wondering.) :)

I finished up my recovery week today with -- a race! First, though, I did 3 miles on Wednesday, 5.5 miles on Friday then again on Saturday, and finished the Army 10 Miler this morning with R. I paced her to a nice 1:50 finish. I'll write up a race report later.

Just catching up on mileage.
Two weeks ago (marathon week): 42 miles
Last week: 24 miles

Year to date mileage: 1921 miles (3093K)

Next week, the schedule gears up a notch.
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6 miles recovery
Wednesday: 8 miles recovery
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 8 miles with 8x100
Saturday: 5 miles
Sunday: 12 miles

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Marlene said...

Nice medal! Nice pie too... yummy!