Wednesday, October 01, 2008

On the road again...

At least 6 people asked me in the last 24 hours whether I started running again yet. Half were joking. I really felt like having one -- I just feel sluggish if I don't run.

My calves are getting better. All the remedies and stretch are working and I knew that the final thing that would speed things up was a good old recovery run to flush out the bad stuff out of my legs.

I ran what I felt to be slow but looking back at the splits maybe I was going way too fast for a post-marathon run. Anyways, it felt nice and slow. Did 5.2K in 29:28 with an average pace of 5:39 kilometres.

It was a nice run, great to run in the cool autumn air. I think I can complete the rest of this week's runs, two recovery 6 milers on Friday and Saturday and a 10 miler GA run on Sunday, all in DC.

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Marlene said...

LOL, your "recovery" run is a pretty fast run for me. :D

I am feeling sooo sluggish after 3 days off. Hope to get out there today and enjoy the cool, crisp air!