Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pictures say it all

Pictures from Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon are in. You can see them here.

I'll probably buy some of them cause I'm actually happy with some of them.

Like this one, looks like i'm running smoothly.
Same with this one
And my favourite of running photos, catching me in midair.
This one is a bad moment, that's Peter on the right after giving me some Gatorade. I'm suffering big time.
Drunk, or staggering runner?


Marky Mark said...

How did you copy them without yet buying them? I received a copyright related error message. I will probably buy them anyway.

Marlene said...

Hey, those are great pics!!

You can download the whole set for $55...not too bad.

Marky Mark said...

You got to go for the Wheaties box too....

Anonymous said...

I was video recording and photographing the marathon since my wife was running.

Since your finish time was close to the finish time of a person from my wife's running group, I was able to locate you quickly in all the videos and photos.

These are still frames from the video (Bay and Laskeshore, Yonge and Queen's Quay):

Windows media video file:

I still have to upload the photo of you near 200m from the finish line.

Unfortunately the camera focused on something else since I didn't see you running along the roadside until it was too late to refocus the camera on you.

Sonia said...

Love the mid air photo!! You were rocking it. The last one is so funny, you do look drunk.

yumke said...

Hey, thanks for the images! That's so cool you were able to track them down!

Arcane said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say that last picture looks like you're crossing the finish line with a swagger.

I bought the pills (capsules) at Running Free which is a store up in Thornhill. I've seen them at the race expos so you might be able to pick them up at the Toronto race expo. The ones I have are called Endurolytes which are made by Hammer Nutrition. You can read up on them at
click on electrolytes in the menu.

Anonymous said...

Here's the original jpg I took of you near the finish line (~200m sign)

I'll leave the pics/video up for a week.