Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Speeding things up

I started today's run at a pretty normal pace, just over 8 minutes for the first mile. Then I caught up to this runner who, while I was behind her, magically upped her pace to mine, which was pretty much dead one marathon pace. So I kept it up for the next two miles, clocking a 7:16 and 7:12. I know it's a little early for pace work but it was good to give my legs and my cardio something close to a nice workout. I finished the rest of the run with sub 8 minute miles. Pretty amazing that I'm asking my body on marathon day to pull off 26.2 of these 7:15 miles when even a few today felt a little challenging.

Yes, it feels a little hard to do even this type of pace work 9 days out from the marathon. I'm going to avoid pacework over the rest of the runs this week and instead work my way back to it. They say you need a day for each mile raced to get back to normal. And since I have 28 days between marathon, that's just enough time, right?


Arcane said...

absolutely, 28 days is more than enough.

Marlene said...

The math seems to work out to me!

Ryan said...

Have been a bit checked out - but saw your Toronto result. Hang in there... don't give up.

I think it's great you're going for DC. You can definitely recover and have a strong race.