Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm loving the cool autumn air. Better than that, I'm loving starting my run at 6 p.m. and get to see the sun go down. One of my runs lets me run back to the city centre and you see our beautiful skyline painted with shades of fiery red and tinges of orange. Why more runners don't get outside during our falls and winters, i don't understand.

Did a pair of eight milers on Thursday and Friday and feeling better about my running with each one.

The first one I did in 1:03:47, starting off at over 8 minute miles and finishing up the last three miles in the sub 8 category, with a last mile at 7:40. I'm getting a feel for running again -- not like I lost it, but the stride is back, the breathing is in synch and I'm feeling smooth.

So yesterday, I decided to up teh pace right at the start.

1. 7:44
2. 7:41
3. 7:28
4. 7:24

I hit the midpoint at a little over 30 minutes. Part of me wanted to do the rest at recovery but it was getting dark and I was enjoying the pace. Besides, I was running on a trail in which I usually get it all to my self. (Route and stats)

5. 7:24
6. 7:41
7. 7:30

Looking at the watch, I thought that I'd play a little game of, 'lets try to finish up this 8 mile run in less than an hour'. By the last mile I saw I had do so some work to get under there so I upped the pace dramatically that by the last kilometre, I was basically doing trackwork.

Final mile in 6:20! It felt awesome. And yes, I finished the run (8 miles/12.87K) in a nice 59:22, safely under the target.


Marlene said...

I am loving the weather and fall colours too - so refreshing!

Awesome job on your 8-milers!

Sonia said...

woah!!! You are just a real speedster now! Awesome time for an 8 miler!!

I'm loving the crisp air too and it smells like leaves. Love it. I was feeling really down this morning on my walk, that I couldn't enjoy running in this weather. My favorite time of year to run. Oh well next fall... I'll be back!