Thursday, October 30, 2008

The off season

So... I've run a total of zero steps since the marathon. Actually, I ran a few times. To the train. Across the street to catch the last seconds of a green.... Um, that's it.

Last week's mileage: 48 miles (77K)
Year to date: 2030 (3268K)

Yippee! Passed the 2,000 mark and I think it's safe that i'll approach 2,200 miles for the year assuming i'll run an average of 20 miles a week starting next week. In fact, I hope to build to 30 to 35 miles. Me thinks four runs during weekdays of 5 miles each (for 20) and then a longish run on the weekend starting at 10 miles. We'll see.

Running is part of my routine even off training mode. Since it's my main thing I do for exercise, I need it to keep in shape. I'm not sure when I will hit the roads again. In fact, my D-Tag thingy is still on my running shoes. I'm thinking maybe Saturday will be the first time I'll feel really good.

So my eyes are set on my first few runs, but I can't stop but think of when my next training cycle begins. I took three recovery weeks between my spring marathon and my resuming of hard training for the fall season. This time, I believe I'm going to take November and most of December lightly.

I'm toying with signing up for the end-of-the year race, the Resolution Run in Toronto. It's not chip timed and I'm not even convinced it's the right length judging from last year. It's on Dec. 28 and would serve as motivation to get myself doing some endurance and speed training in December. That would be a great way to end off the year. Ease up on the running and train for a shorter distance. In all, I've already done 14 road races this year (yikes). Three 5Ks, an 8k, a 5 miler, two 10Ks, two 10 milers, two 30Ks and three marathons.


Marlene said...

Congrats on reaching the 2000 mark. You have done a LOT of racing (and training) this year.

Arcane said...

I've been thinking of doing the resolution run this year also. I like the running jacket that they are giving away this year.

Sonia said...

You deserve the rest! Congrats on getting to 2000 miles! That's almost going to Calgary from Toronto!!!! Totally insane!